We have bought a crow.

He perches himself providently on the dashboard of the tour bus whilst Nathan chases down the miles behind the wheel.  He gives us frequent weather reports with a keen sense of authority.  “It’s fairly cloudy,” he might shout into the back.  “We know crow. We’ve got windows back here too.”  “Very well” He says, his pride a little damaged.

We found him at the back of a cluttered bazaar in Frankfurt.  He was browsing a 3 for 2 classics section that stood separately to the shelves on a cardboard point of sale stand.  “I simply adore Balzac” he said unprompted as we passed.

We suspected that he might actually belong to the shop so we bartered his price at the counter in secret.

We asked if him he would mind coming along on our trip to keep Morale high and he said he would not mind.  He told us as we left the shop that he normally traveled with leading Symphony Orchestras.  “But what a quaint little experience this will be for me, chaperoning an ensemble of twee folk musicians.”


  1. Betsy said:

    I saw Crow’s acquaintances early this morning as the sunrise turned into a pale blue sky. Dozens perched along a bridge over the M6. They send their regards.

    • Oh right its you, weird. Good. I get the email now. How come betsy?..xx

  2. Bernd said:

    Hiya, good to know you have good company from Frankfurt with you 🙂

    Having this blog as only contact at this time, may I ask you a favour here? A dear friend of mine from Hamburg, Friedericke, will unfortunately not be able to make it to your Hamburg show. Would you mind to leave a signed copy of the O, Devotion! vinyl at Uebel & Gefährlich for her to pick up later? I will pay for it when I meet you in Mannheim.

    • No problem Bernd,
      Liz is writing it down as we speak and saying hello to you and we will see your good self in Manheim
      Chow for now! x

  3. Bernd said:

    That’s sweet! Thank you!

    P.S. There is still a tiny chance that Friedericke will make it to Michelle Records, where you will play your pre-show.

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