Fallowfield – A Growth on New Minds…

Fanfares fluctuate fervently following friendly faces, for foreign fields have finally faded for now

Fuel fumes, forming fibrous flumps, fetching forgotten fantasies from frontal lobes, forevering the familiar feel of flat five

Famished Friday feeder’s frequent friaries famous for fatal fodder, foregoing fresh food for flamboyant and fermented fizzy fructose

Filled full, folk forfeit footholds falling foreskin first into felching festivities, forgetting foreboding formalities

Femme fatale feels foolish for felating four fellas fastidiously at first sight of fags and fast cars

Funk fosters feeble fawns as flashlights fixate first time fears for filling faces with formula

Fashionista forces fickle flocks to fell flowing follicles, fasten flimsy frocks and forego Fahrenheit for frost to fix feisty fortuity

Fandango feasts feverishly on furlongs of fruitless fornication, it fasts fireworks, fullness and fidelity

Far from fluorescent frivolity, foremen fake fisticuffs for the fancy of a filly and a figurative finale

Farewell to fools, foolers, fops, fighters, forgivers, forsakers, fairystory tellers, to fortunates, floggers, fibbers, friggers, to, frogman and frog femme, to fuck-harders, fast asleepers, filmmakers, to flat renters, fulcrumers, full-uppers, fly-downers, fixed raters, first-timers, to flyhighers, foxtrotters, foil wearers and filesharers of Fallowfield – for now…





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