All for one and One for your Mam

BASEL:  Now that we’re leaving Switzerland we’ll have to face the Lah di dah.

A crowd can be the main focus of a concert just like the presence of nothing can be the main focus of a canyon.  On the other hand a crowd can stimulate the performers to reach new heights in the same vein as the booking of a concert across the alps can stimulate our Sprinter to reach new heights.

Switzerland is very generous and before hoiking us south it gave us some of it all.  In one place there is a lake and there is some stone steps with a crack in them and there is a catholic with a crack in him.  I feel safer near the steps so I run.  I run toward the lake until I become marooned, marooned in both senses of the word.  I am pouring sweat and I feel guilty because the beer they filled us with last night is local and tastes of lovely and now it is running off my face, down my back and onto the ground and it is wasted…




Now we find ourselves on a bridge.  We’re still not up to date but a whole day and night in a van leaves   you with a body clock like crumpets and insides to match.  We will get there, I promise.

People came from very far places to watch us.  They joined in, they signed up and then they left.  We still had work to do.  Gus worked very hard.  He had to stay up all night to get his work done but he managed to get square.  You could tell because in the morning when I joined him he had work all over his shirt and he was still laughing.

The people who left us did so with alarming effect.  I for one have been left astonished – worlds have collided, they have smashed definitions and left big open spaces to fill in.  The only thing left to do is join, sign up.  Live in the tree house, pick flowers, cook on the alps.  Good food, for now goodbye…





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